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Ximena H.

Founder & Artistic Programming
With the desire to pursue her vision in connecting creative communities, she founded ISLAS. Together along ISLAS team, she foresees artistic management, fostering a deeper understanding of Cuba today through culture and unique experiences

Karla B.

Creative Producer
She is passionate in linking her work-life together along with a female-driven team while surrounded by the most talented and nourishing communities. She is part of ISLAS as a creative and travel producer, maintaining her extensive network and reconnecting the international Cuban cultural diaspora with its roots in the Island.

Patricia G.

Digital Marketing & Social Media
Passionate about group work and creativity, such an environment is the perfect one for the best ideas to come up! Islands as a project, promises to be that magical ecosystem. It came to her at the best moment with a composition of friends, desire to do for and for an artistic community spread over the seas of the world.

Claudia G.

Corporate Communication & PR
Enthusiastic, creative young woman, passionate about learning & growing professionally. She believes in teamwork and defends the power of communication & popular culture. Good user in English, some French and very very much Spanish.

Naiara G.

General Coordinator
Islas is her best opportunity to connect affections and work. It is the way she can not only love Cuba but also be useful to the country while helping people spread cuban culture and traditions. Never forget life is too short to be in the wrong place, that is why she is part of Islas' team.






…beyond our team, ISLAS is also our friends and colleagues.

our story

After many years visiting Cuba and being part of various artistic communities on the Island, it was during the context of Havana Biennial edition in 2015, for which Ximena Holuigue emerged as an official contributor to the Canadian artistic representation in the XII events edition.

ISLAS was then officially born in 2016, from a deep love and passion to tell the narratives of many cuban talents met throughout the years, connecting creatives from abroad to experience the Island “beyond the beach” and building long-term cultural bridges.

With each project, it implemented the strong belief that through community building and dialogue, positive impact can happen for everyone.

Five years later, ISLAS has now evolved into a team of 5 partners to reach new opportunities and continue working on our main purpose promoting cultural exchange experiences with a positive social impact in Cuban artistic communities, based in Cuba and/or abroad.

As we are entering a new and exciting era into a new world, we invite you to be part of our evolving story and upcoming adventures ahead.