Terms and conditions

This page describes the terms and conditions of the website www.cubaislas.com (hereinafter “website”), owned by ISLAS Productions (hereinafter “owner”). By visiting and using this website, the visitor or user (hereinafter “user”) accepts these terms and conditions in full. The information in these terms and conditions is subject to change at any time and the user is recommended to visit this page constantly.

This page describes in detail the way in which the user agrees to use and behave within the website and with its respective content, products and services (hereinafter “content”).


Access to the content of the website is not allowed by persons under 13 years of age. If the user is under 13 years of age, they must have the consent of their parents or seniors in charge.

2.The following activities are forbidden

Hacking attempts, virus insertion or computer attacks of any kind directed at the server or the website.

Provide false personal information or that belongs to people other than the user who sends it.

3.Copyright and intellectual property

It is totally forbidden to use the texts, images, audios, videos and any other multimedia material that is hosted on the WEBSITE since it is the property of the OWNER and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. The use of the multimedia materials of the WEBSITE will only be allowed if the USER requests the use of said material and the OWNER accepts that request.

4.Access and availability of the website

For reasons of force majeure or external factors, access and availability of the WEBSITE may be suspended for any period of time and the OWNER is not responsible for any damage or direct or indirect result that this may cause to the USER. Although, the WEBSITE will be available most of the time, 100% availability is not guaranteed and at any time, if the OWNER decides, the WEBSITE may stop working or be available to the public.

5.Privacy and cookies policy

The HOLDER is committed to good practices in the collection, use and protection of the personal data of its USERS. The privacy and cookies policy of the WEBSITE can be seen in detail on the following page https://cubaislas.com/politica-privacidad/